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Dakar 2022 finishers, dedicated to Isaac Feliu

KLIM TwinTrail Racing drivers Carles Falcón and Albert Martín finish the last stage of the 2022 Dakar and dedicate the finishers podium to their friend Isaac Feliu.
Isaac Feliu update.

Podium and dedication for Isaac Feliu

The last stage of the Dakar 2022 was apparently easy due to its short distance, only 165k of special. But it was not easy for the two KLIM TwinTrail Racing drivers who wanted to reach the finish line to dedicate the finishers podium to their friend and teammate Isaac Feliu.

Albert Martín, started in the penultimate position after having broken the engine in the previous stage. A fact that complicated his stage, since he had to overtake at least 30 riders in the race, with the risk of running after a cloud of dust, making navigation difficult due to lack of visibility. On his side, Carles Falcón has maintained his way of being, his strategy and has reached the end without risks and with his friend Isaac very present.

Carles Falcón: “I feel very satisfied to have finished. It has been a long Dakar, we have had all kinds of problems and finishing the last stage is an infinite satisfaction. I dedicate this arrival to Isaac.”

Albert Martín: “It has been a very hard effort of almost a year from the whole team, also these 15 days. We have had many obstacles, both psychological and mechanical, but we have been able to reach the end. I want to give a lot of encouragement to Isaac, I know he will come out of this. We miss him.

Official statement Isaac Feliu 15/01/2022

Isaac Feliu continues to be hospitalized in Riyadh, following the protocols for this type of accident. He remains stable, accompanied by his family and part of the team, with his partner and friend Carles Falcón who has traveled to the capital to be by his side before returning home with his family.






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