The TwinTrail Racing Team is made up of 3 amateur riders, who combine their working lives with their passion for motorcycles, off-road and raids.

Because life is a rally, we can all be riders.

Carles Falcón

Piloto TwinTrail

Born in 1978 in Tarragona, Carles has always been surrounded by motorcycles, starting with the enduro, going through adventure bikes and since a few years ago also the Raids. Born athlete, patient and methodical, Carles is a safe bet.

Isaac Feliu

Piloto TwinTrail

Born in 1979 in Barcelona, Isaac discovered his passion for motorcycles a bit late, although he soon devoted himself to it. Father of two children, founder of TwinTrail and Raids rider since 2015. With an unbreakable will, when Isaac pursues a dream there is no one who stops him.

Albert Martín

Piloto Prozovalls

Born in 1990 in Valls, Albert is the youngest rider in the team and also the fastest, with a past closely linked to Motocross. Maturity has led him to focus his sports career with the Raids, where being fast is important, but not it's everything.


Because we are a team, there is much more than just riders. The TwinTrail Racing Team would not be possible without the strength of all its members.

Martín Solana

Team Manager

Raid lover and amateur rider like the rest of the Team, Martín has been related to TwinTrail since its foundation, and his knowledge of the Dakar world is the key for the Road2Dakar Project to succeed.

Marta Paretas

Marketing Manager

Designer and passionate about adventure motorcycles. Marta has been responsible for the corporate image of TwinTrail since 2018 in addition to combining the work with being a mother and a true adventurer biker. Nobody better than her to understand the madness of the Racing Team and be part of it!

Xenia Giraldo

Administration Manager

Because this whole project would not be possible without Xenia's ability to organize and have everything under control. A lover of nature sports and cats, Xenia is the person who makes everything easy and possible. She is the fundamental axis of the whole team!


All the audiovisual content generated has to be processed, edited and distributed. Unquestionably, a crucial part of this whole project is what we can show in images!

Dani Raventós

Media Manager

He has not only a great ability taking photos, record and edit videos, but Dani also feels the same passion for motorcycles as the rest of the Team, which is important to be able to capture and reproduce the Team's activities as it deserves. Everything we show the world passes through his hands!

Carla Prat

Communication and marketing

Communication and motorcycles are her passion. Carla is in charge of making the Road2Dakar team and project known among the fans, the media and helps us to get the necessary support from the sponsors so that we can achieve the dream of racing the Dakar 2022!


The strength of the TwinTrail Racing Team is all of us! The riders, the administrative team and of course also the hundreds of Supporters who are always behind, supporting, cheering and enjoying the Team’s adventures. If you are not one of us yet…. Become a Supporter!