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Albert Martín and Carles Falcón continue ahead in the Dakar

Albert Martín achieves to get into the top 50 in the tenth stage and Carles Falcón maintains his good rhythm and constancy.
The team continues to monitor the evolution of Isaac Feliu, who will be transferred to Barcelona this Thursday.

The countdown to the end of the Dakar 2022 is underway. Stage number 10 was held this Wednesday, a fairly long day but one that has passed through spectacular areas. A day with a few kilometers of dunes, fast sets, areas with very beautiful canyons and, above all, it was a very dusty day. The two KLIM TwinTrail Racing riders who are still in the race have finished the stage, Albert Martín 43rd and Carles Falcón 76th.


Albert Martín 4th stage among the Original by Motul

As the end of the Dakar approaches, Albert Martín is offering his best version. In this 10th stage he has surpassed his best result, finishing 43rd overall and setting the 4th best time among the riders without assistance. This result is the result of the combination of the terrain on the special and how he enjoys riding the bike: “It was an entertaining stage and I had a good time. I have 60km left from the beginning because it was an infinite sand straight. But from there things have improved, the landscape has changed with sandy and fun tracks. Before refueling I had to go back a few meters because I had not validated a waypoint and 4 pilots passed me and then it was a bit difficult for me to pass them since it was an area of closed canyons and you couldn’t see anything with all the dust. After refueling we had a wider area and I was able to pass them.”


Carles Falcón suffers with the dust

The Tarragona rider Carles Falcón remains constant, with a calm rhythm that allows him to ensure his participation in the Dakar at all times. It was not the best day for the KLIM TwinTrail Racing rider, although his stage result was good, finishing 76th.

“We started the day with a link of more than 200km, at night and with cold. Afterwards, the stage started weird because right away there were 5km of dunes and then it was all sandy tracks and plains. Luckily later on it changed a bit and it was a more fun terrain going through canyons. The problem has arrived at km200, when the first cars that raised a lot of dust began to arrive. It was an area of pretty paths with bushes and stones, and with the dust I had to stop to see where I was going. The end has been a bit long for me, the body begins to notice that we are reaching the end ”explained the Tarragona native after arriving at the bivouac.


Official statement: Isaac Feliu will be transferred to Barcelona tomorrow

The KLIM TwinTrail Racing rider Isaac Feliu, who suffered a severe fall during yesterday’s Dakar stage, is currently at the Saudi German Hospital in Riyadh where he was transferred last night after passing through the Armed Forces Hospital Wadi Aldawasir near the bivouac by Wadu Ad Dawasir. The owner of TwinTrail is still sedated so that he can be transferred to Barcelona tomorrow, where he will be admitted to the hospital and will undergo further medical tests.


Penultimate stage: sand and dunes

Stage 11 of the Dakar 2022 will have the sand as the main protagonist. The riders will appreciate the short links, 87km before the special and 67km more at the end. The time will be 345km with almost 70% of the route in sand and dunes.




Results Stage 10

1. #018 Toby Price      3:05:32

2. #077 Luciano Benavides   3:07:41 GAP +2:09

3. #042 Adrien Van Beveren   3:09:07 GAP +3:35

43. #136 Albert Martin (ESP)    3:43:54 GAP +38:22

76. #135 Carles Falcón (ESP)  4:13:46 GAP +1:08:14


Results General 

1. #042 Adrien Van Beveren    33:27:06

2. #003 Sam Sundeland (GBR)  33:33:05 GAP +5:59

3. #007 Pablo Quintanilla (CHL)  33:33:21 GAP +6:15

53. #136 Albert Martin (ESP)    42:55:01 GAP +9:27:55

70. #135 Carles Falcón (ESP)  46:03:05 GAP +12:35:59

#134 Isaac Feliu (ESP)  Posición 69 hasta Etapa 8

Result Original Motul Stage 10:

1. #036 Arunas Gelazninkas (LTU)  3:28:43

2. #021 Milan Engel (CZE)    3:29:12 GAP +00:29

3. #039 Benjamin Melot (FRA)  3:29:17 GAP +00:34

4. #136 Albert Martin (ESP)    3:43:54 GAP +15:11

15. #135 Carles Falcón (ESP)  4:13:46 GAP +45:03


Result Original General:

1. #036 Arunas Gelazninkas (LTU)  36:43:40

2. #021 Milan Engel (CZE)    37:38:35 GAP +54:55

3. #039 Benjamin Melot (FRA)  37:59:32 GAP +1:15:52

8. #136 Albert Martin (ESP)    42:55:01 GAP +6:11:21

16. #135 Carles Falcón (ESP)  46:03:05 GAP +9:19:25

#134 Isaac Feliu (ESP)  Posición 14 Originals hasta Etapa 8

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