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Isaac Feliu suffers an accident on the Dakar

KLIM TwinTrail Racing rider Isaac Feliu has an accident on the ninth stage of the Dakar and will be transferred to Spain.
Albert Martín and Carles Falcón finished the stage without problems, but a bit uneasy for their teammate.

The Spanish KLIM TwinTrail Racing rider Isaac Feliu had an accident in the first kilometers of the ninth stage of the Dakar 2022. The TwinTrail founder was doing a great first leg of the stage, setting the 41st best time in km40. Shortly after, he had a major fall on a very fast section of the track, hitting his head. The Segarra pilot has been evacuated in an organization helicopter to the military hospital near Wadu Ad Dawasir, where they have carried out the first medical tests.

As explained by the Moroccan rider Harite Gabari (# 101) “we were going through a fast zone, in parallel and suddenly I saw how he spit out of the bike. He has rolled a few meters and the bike has too. When I saw him, I stopped and went to help him, until I notified the security services through the Iritrack”.

Isaac Feliu is stable but sedated to ensure that he can be transferred to Spain as soon as the medical services consider that it is safe for him to travel by plane.

Albert Martín and Carles Falcón, finish the stage, although restless

Neither Albert Martín nor Carles Falcón, Isaac Feliu’s teammates, have seen the fall or encountered their motorcycle during the journey, so they have been advancing kilometers until refueling. At that time, it seemed to Albert that something was wrong with Isaac and they have discussed it with Carles. There Carles has managed to speak with Harite Gabari, who has confirmed the accident. In this way, both pilots have done the second part of the special with nerves since they had no information about the situation but they knew that something had happened to him. Still, they had a good stage: Albert Martín finished 48th and Carles Falcón 78th.

Isaac Feliu’s teammates will continue on this Dakar, there are 3 stages left and they will do so with more awareness of the danger of running a rally. But they want to finish the race, also in honor of his friend and partner.

From the team we appreciate all the messages of support that Isaac is receiving and we hope that he can recover soon.




Results Stage 9

1. #011 Jose Ignacio Cornejo (CHL) 2:29:30

2. #001 Kevin Benavides (ARG)  2:30:56 GAP +1:26 

3. #002 Ricky Bravec (USA)   2:31:17 GAP +1:47 

48. #136 Albert Martin (ESP)    3:04:15 GAP +34:45

78. #135 Carles Falcón (ESP)  3:22:50 GAP +53:20

#134 Isaac Feliu (ESP)    Abandono


Results General 

1. #052 Matthias Walkner (AUT)   30:14:03

2. #003 Sam Sundeland (GBR)  30:16:15 GAP +2:12

3. #042 Adrien Van Beveren   30:17:59 GAP +3:56

57. #136 Albert Martin (ESP)    39:11:07 GAP +8:57:04

72. #135 Carles Falcón (ESP)  41:49:10 GAP +11:35:16

#134 Isaac Feliu (ESP)  P69 hasta Etapa 8

Results Original Motul Stage 9:

1. #039 Benjamin Melot (FRA)  2:48:08 

2. #123 Charan Moore (ZAF)   2:51:45 GAP +3:37

3. #033 Mario Patrao (PRT)   2:56:08 GAP +8:00 

9. #136 Albert Martin (ESP)    3:04:15 GAP +16:07

16. #135 Carles Falcón (ESP)  3:22:50 GAP +34:42

#134 Isaac Feliu (ESP)    Abandono


Results Original General:

1. #036 Arunas Gelazninkas (LTU)  33:14:57

2. #021 Milan Engel (CZE)    34:09:23 GAP +54:26

3. #039 Benjamin Melot (FRA)  34:30:15 GAP +1:15:18

9. #136 Albert Martin (ESP)    39:11:07 GAP +5:56:10

15. #135 Carles Falcón (ESP)  41:49:19 GAP +8:34:22

#134 Isaac Feliu (ESP)  P14 hasta Etapa 8

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