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KLIM TwinTrail Racing riders and supporters ready for Dakar 2022

The team has already been showing to all the supporters about the day-to-day of the Dakar since their arrival in Jeddah.
The three KLIM TwinTrail Racing riders have successfully passed the administrative and technical checks, as well as the PCR with a negative result.
The day after tomorrow starts the Dakar 2022 with the debut of the KLIM TwinTrail Racing in the Original by Motul category.

Dakar 2022 has already started for KLIM TwinTrail Racing. The three Spanish riders, Carles Falcón, Albert Martín and Isaac Feliu have been in Jeddah for four days during which they have passed a PCR test, the verifications and have finished preparing motorcycles, equipment and the toolbox for the Original by Motul category. The day after tomorrow begins the toughest rally in the world, in which the three Spaniards make their debut in the category without assistance, but with the moral support of the 800 supporters who have their names marked on the fenders of the motorcycles.

PCR, administrative and technical checks

There are three essential steps to be able to be on the starting line of the Dakar next day 1 once the riders have landed in Saudi Arabia. The first of these was to obtain a negative result in the PCR test, to guarantee that the Dakar 2022 will be a safe place against the new wave of Covid.

With this in order, the KLIM TwinTrail Racing riders had an appointment this Thursday, December 30, to pass the administrative and technical checks, which consist of presenting all the documentation of the motorcycles, insurance, licenses, etc. as well as meeting all the technical requirements established by the FIM regarding the motorcycle, as well as the helmets and airbag – in this case, the team is using the KLIM AI- 1Rally Vest-. In addition, the riders have already installed the navigation and safety equipment to be able to participate in the Dakar.

Briefing prior to the prologue stage

Today all the Dakar 2022 riders will attend (virtually) the mandatory briefing prior to the start of the 44th edition of the toughest rally in the world. With this, the riders will have everything 100% ready to start on January 1, the date on which they will carry out the prologue stage – which allows establishing the starting order for the first stage -, which has 19km timed. Of course, it will also be necessary to complete nearly 600km of liason between the city of Jeddah and the first bivouac, located in Ha’il.

At Original by Motul, but with the support of 800 supporters

The three KLIM TwinTrail Racing riders compete in the Original by Motul category, without assistance. They will only be able to count on the help of the other riders of this same category in the event of any breakdown or problem in the bivouac, but they will not be alone in terms of moral support: Isaac Feliu, Carles Falcón and Albert Martín have the support of more than 800 supporters who have accompanied them throughout 2021 in the preparation for this Dakar and who have their names written on the fenders of each of the three bikes of the Spanish riders. Unconditional support will push hard to help them cross the finish line of each stage of the toughest rally in the world, the Dakar 2022.


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