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Peter&Pan Bakery, Premium Sponsor of the TwinTrail Racing Team

The Cantabrian company Peter&Pan Panaderías (Bakery), new premium sponsor of the TwinTrail Racing Team’s Road To Dakar adventure.

If you already are a supporter of the TwinTrail Racing Team, surely you know Peter&Pan Panaderías. And it is because in our first adventure of the Road2Dakar in the Andalusia Rally, our Cantabrian friends from Peter&Pan Panaderías gave us the necessary energy to race the rally that had to open us the doors to the Dakar 2022.

After a few months, the Cantabrian bakery company has decided that it wants to come along with us throughout our trip to Saudi Arabia. Thus, today we announce that Peter&Pan Panaderías is a new Premium Sponsor of the TwinTrail Racing Team.

Peter & Pan Panaderías are artisan bakeries that make all its products every day in each of its premises. Its philosophy is to go back to the origins with its healthy bread specialties, made with time, dedication and a lot of love.

César, head of the chain, tells us: “It is a real pleasure for Peter & Pan to support projects like this and do our bit for people who give a lot for people who give a lot in exchange for very little. Go for it!“. And we, the three riders of the team, Team Manager and the rest of the TwinTrail components can only be grateful that companies like this want to help us make this dream a reality!

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