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Arinsol 88 joins TwinTrail Racing Team’s Road2Dakar project

The real estate Arinsol 88 will be the team’s main sponsor for the Dakar 2022 adventure.

The TwinTrail Racing Team’s Road2Dakar project continues to grow and is taking shape as the weeks go by. With just over four months to go until the 44th edition of the Dakar Rally takes place, the Spanish team confirms a new sponsor. The Navarra-based real estate company Arinsol 88 joins the Dakar adventure as the team’s main sponsor.

Creating a team of three riders to participate in the toughest rally in the world, the Dakar, is not an easy task. It is essential to have minimal human and financial resources that, among others, come from sponsors. This week the Navarran company Arinsol 88 joins this Road to Dakar 2022. It will be one of the main sponsors of the team and for this reason, Isaac Feliu, founder of TwinTrail, on behalf of the team wants to thank the company for its support: “for us It is very important that companies and brands want to join our project. We are an amateur team, yes, but we already have a large fan base, the <<supporters>>, who are with us every day on our way to Dakar and we hope that our sponsors end up as happy as the fans ”.

Alberto Idoate, the main representative of Arinsol 88, is a great fan of motorcycles and that is why he has decided to bet on this sporting project. It is an opportunity to get to know the Dakar Rally up close and support some amateur riders who want to fulfill their dream of racing and finishing the toughest motor event there is. Idoate, on behalf of the sponsoring company, adds: “for me and for the company it is a pride to be part of this project, we are very excited and we wish them all the luck in the world, although we know they do not need it”.

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