TwinTrail Racing Team

The TwinTrail Racing Team fighting for the Hellas Rally 2021 medals

Albert Martín 6th, Isaac Feliu 8th and Carles Falcón 35th scratch, in the fourth stage of Hellas Rally 2021.
The riders are already preparing to face the second half of the rally, with three more stages ahead. Tomorrow it’s time for a 132km.


The second day of the marathon stage of Hellas Rally 2021 has given all the drivers a little respite. Shorter stage, 170km timed with very slippery and fast tracks. Of course, the organization always leaves an entertaining point to challenge the riders such as a climb trail in the first kilometers of the day.


TwinTrail Racing Team riders remain leaders in their categories

Both Albert Martín (M5) and Isaac Feliu (M6) top the classification in their respective categories when the 2021 edition of the Hellas Rally has already reached the halfway point. Carles Falcón (M6) occupies the second step of the podium in the category of twin-cylinder motorcycles behind Feliu.

The rider from Valls Albert Martín who, despite having set the 3rd best time yesterday, started in behind positions due to the penalty. That has made him have to go ahead of riders and swallow a lot of dust. “I haven’t been very focused because of yesterday and I got lost in the first cartoon for about 2 or 3 minutes. Also, I couldn’t get up to speed on this stage because there were a lot of speed checkpoints,” he told us at the Nafpaktos bivouac. Still, he has achieved the 6th best time of the day, being again the fastest in his category (M5).

The owner of TwinTrail, Isaac Feliu finished the day happy with his result and with the sensations. “Today was an easier stage for adventure bikes and I was able to push a bit more. And since the stage was shorter, I didn’t have to dose so much,” explained the Segarra rider, who really enjoyed the second day of the marathon stage.

Carles Falcón continues to enjoy the Hellas Rally with his BMW F800GS and especially today, with a stage with faster tracks that are more accessible for this type of motorcycle. Anyway, “at kilometer two there was a climb with a lot of stones that has cost me a lot to climb, there I lost time because I fell but I was able to get out well,” he commented. The Tarragona rider, despite having gone further behind due to yesterday’s penalty, has regained some positions, although this has meant that he was riding with a lot of dust from the drivers who were slower ahead. Carles Falcón, is clear about it, his goal is to finish the rally without risking.


Fifth day of Hellas Rally with 132 kilometers

The days and stages go by and, although yesterday was a very long day, today the riders arrived relatively early at the bivouac, with a stage of just over 3 hours on average. Tomorrow time for a 132 kilometers.


Scratch Results Stage 4 (unofficial)

1. Ebster Tobias / M3 / 2:57:14.00

2. Loic Minaudier / M3 / 2:58:01.07

3. Davide von Zitzewitz / M3 / 3:01:22.31

6. Albert Martín / M5 / 3:11:19.25

8. Isaac Feliu / M6 / 3:11:26.11

35. Carles Falcón / M6 / 3:36:47.48


M5 Results Stage 4 (unofficial)

  1. Albert Martín / M5 / 3:11:19.25
  2. Otto Fischer / M5 / 3:36:23.38
  3. Philip Young / M5 / 3:38:16.27


M6 Results Stage 4 (unofficial)

  1. Isaac Feliu / M6 / 3:11:26.11
  2. Carles Falcón / M6 / 3:36:47.48
  3. Jason Adams / M6 / 3:25:04.70 (+15min)

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