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Hellas Rally, the next challenge for the TwinTrail Racing Team

  • The three riders of the TwinTrail Racing Team are ready to take part at the Hellas Rally, starting tomorrow in Greece.
  • Isaac Feliu and Carles Falcón are racing with their BMW F800GS while Albert Martín will do it with his Husqvarna 701 Enduro.
  • A group of 4 amateur riders has joined the team to race, as part of one of the adventures that TwinTrail Experience offers.


Castellolí, 23rd May 2021


A new edition of the Hellas Rally starts tomorrow. It is one of the most popular and multitudinary raid in Europe. Isaac Feliu (2016, 2017, 2018) and Carles Falcón (2018) have already participated at this spectacular rally in Greece, while it will be the first edition for Albert Martín.


The rally covers around 2.000km for many fascinating areas of the hellenic country, from high mountain areas and the sand of the beach. A raid in which navigation is a key element and combines it with technical trails, forest, big rivers and rocky areas.


Getting ready for Dakar 2022

Racing the Hellas Rally is part of the preparation of the TwinTrail Racing Team on its Road to Dakar 2022. It is a really good training for different reasons.


First of all, it is a 7day rally and, even it is only the half days of the Dakar, the riders can find in it the fatigue feeling both physically and mentally after so many days of racing.


On the other hand, the riders are competing in the Trail category. Isaac Feliu and Carles Falcon will do it with ther BMW 800GS (M6) and Albert Martín with his Husqvarna 701 Enduro (M5). It is a handicap for them, but Adventure bikes is what TwinTrail promotes. This race with the heavy bikes will help the team in their Dakar training.


Last but not least, the navigation is quite tricky at the Hellas Rally and will challenge the youngest rider of the team Albert Martín. The rider from Valls has just raced for the first time in a rally raid the week before (Andalucía Rally), so this week will be an express roadbook masterclass for him.


Joined by four amateur riders

The TwinTrail Racing Team will not be alone in Greece. Together with the team have travelled four motorbike and raid fans to race Hellas Rally. It is one of the adventures that TwinTrail Experience offers as a company for its customers.


Hellas Rally 2021

The 2021 Hellas Rally will cover around 2.000km in 7 days. The bivouac is located in the town of Nafpaktos.


It starts with the prolegue of 60km and will follow with two stages of 225 and 340km. After those three days, the riders will take part in the marathon stage with a total of 600km, with a first 250km timed stage, which will end in Karpenissi where they will sleep. The day after the riders will complete 260km more. To finish, the last two stages will cover 330km and 125km.


This 2021 edition is also an official FIM Europe All Terrain Cup and a total of 200 bikes are taking part in it.

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