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The TwinTrail Racing Team closer to Dakar 2022

  • The three riders of the TwinTrail Racing Team finished the Rally Andalucía, which has to give them the passport to be able to race the Dakar 2022.
  • Albert Martín achieved a remarkable 17th overall position in the Andalucía Rally and finished 5th in the Road to Dakar category.
  • From May 23 to 31, the team will participate in the Hellas Rally, in Greece, in the Trail category.

The TwinTrail Racing Team achieves its objective in the Andalucía Rally: to have all three riders at the finish line. This was the main challenge of the rally: Isaac Feliu, Carles Falcón and Albert Martín, completed all the stages to get validation by the ASO that allows them access to the Dakar 2022.


Happy with the first experience as a Team

The Andalucía Rally was the first race for the TwinTrail Racing Team and they completed it successfully.


Martín Solana, Team Manager, explained: “It has helped us to get to know each other in a race situation, learn and see what needs to be improved for the Dakar. We are very proud, we have very reliable drivers. ” In addition, the team has taken the opportunity to meet the organization, speak with David Casterá and, above all, publicize the project. Also to feel for the first time the effect of having 600 supporters of the project. “We want to remark on the role of our supporters, we have been pleasantly surprised by how much they have encouraged us every day, both those who have come to see us and those who have followed us through the private Telegram channel,” added the Cantabrian. .


Albert Martín finishes 17th in his first rally

Albert Martín’s debut in a rally was spectacular. The rider from Valls (Tarragona), who only had motocross experience, finished 17th overall and achieved the TOP5 in the Road To Dakar category.


In this last stage, “I came out very calm, I wanted to finish well and have a good time. Things have gone well for me and also the type of terrain has favored me. I really enjoyed it.” he confirmed it when crossing the finish line of the Andalucía Rally.

Team work to finish the Andalucía Rally

The TwinTrail Racing Team confirmed in the last stage that they are a very good team. Isaac Feliu, who had been around 20th position for the entire rally, had a problem with the fuel tank at the end of the last stage and was unable to continue. After 3km pushing the bike, Carles Falcón, who was behind him, caught up with him and gave him fuel and thus, both were able to finish the Andalucía Rally, which was the team’s main objective. “I want to highlight the importance of the team, today Carles helped me and yesterday I helped Albert,” said Isaac Feliu. In this sense, Carles Falcón also mentioned it: “It has been a great experience as a team.


The Segarra rider, Isaac, concluded: “I am satisfied to have finished, I did not have any falls on the four days and I hope to get a pass to go to the Dakar next year”, he affirmed. He also added that “the navigation throughout the rally was easy, too much speed.


Carles Falcón, overcoming challenges

The Rally Andalucía has not been an easy competition for Carles Falcón. He has suffered various inconveniences throughout the stages and today, at the beginning, a new setback. He suffered a fall on a very narrow track and the bike was thrown into a ravine. “I couldn’t get the bike out, it was a very steep area. Luckily after 10 minutes a group of people arrived and they helped me to recover the bike. I ended up exhausted and with little energy to face the rest of the stage, in addition, a little unconcentrated and with anger”, explained the Tarragona native.


Next race: Hellas Rally in Trail category

The last week of May (23-31 / 05) the three TwinTrail Racing Team riders will take part in the Hellas Rally, a 7-day, heavy-navigation enduro rally that runs through spectacular locations in Greece. On this occasion they will park their 450 Rallies and compete in the Trail category, the specialty of Isaac Feliu and Carles Falcón who will do so with the popular BMW F800 GS while Albert Martín will do so with a Husqvarna 701.

Results Stage 4*

  1. Pablo Quintanilla 2:09:55
  2. Joan Barreda 2:10:06 
  3. Lorenzo Santolino 2:10:42 

17. Albert Martin 2:27:53 

48. Carles Falcón 3:08:55 

52. Isaac Feliu 3:16:39

Final Race Results

  1. Joan Barreda 10:47:32
  2. Lorenzo Santolino 10:51:00 
  3. Pablo Quintanilla 10:58:01

17. Albert Martín 12:38:22

30. Isaac Feliu 13:29:56

40. Carles Falcón 14:27:215


Road to Dakar Classification

  1. Julien Jagu 11:37:21
  2. Paolo Lucci 11:47:01 
  3. James Hillier 12:27:44

5. Albert Martín 12:38:22

16. Isaac Feliu 13:29:56

24. Carles Falcón 14:27:215

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